Feeling Paranoid? You Might Not Be. Top Signs You Might Be Fired.

No matter what type of job you have or how long you’ve been there – no one wants to get fired. One of the worst parts is that the tension and paranoia of suspecting you’re about to be fired can actually be worse than the firing itself. You might just be paranoid, but being prepared to be canned can definitely lessen the blow.

Here are some signs that you might be getting fired.

1. The Cold Shoulder

You’ve noticed that face-to-face conversations have decreased, there aren’t as many jokes from your boss and you’re no longer invited to office gatherings. This may be a sign of your boss or supervisor distancing themselves because they know what they have to do is going to be hard. Your coworkers may have gotten wind of it too and don’t want to let on.

2. Projects – Too Many or Not Enough

When assignments or tasks are being handed out you notice that you’re either getting none of them or a never-ending supply. The latter might mean your boss is trying to overload you with work to set you up to fail, making the choice to fire you seem like a clear one. Getting no new work means they are probably prepping for your departure.  Either way, you should take notice.

3. Negative Feedback

When performance review time rolls around you’re constantly getting poor evaluations. If you’ve noticed that this has happened more than once than so have your superiors. Consistent negative feedback is a strong indication that you may be heading for the door.

Whether you feel your termination is justified or not, it is crucial to know about your rights. You are entitled to certain things when you’re fired and you should make sure that you’re getting them. Being a member of a union is a huge benefit in this situation. You have a collective agreement in place and if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated than a union can take the issue to a grievance proceeding and also have lawyers to properly represent you. You always know you have someone who has your back. 

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