Not Being Heard? Find Out Why People Aren’t Listening to You At Work.

Communication is one of the most important elements of any workplace, no matter what type of job you have. It brings coworkers closer together, increases productivity and keeps the work environment safe.  

That’s why not feeling heard can be a huge stress. But how do you get people to listen to you if you’re constantly ignored? The answer is to take a good look at your communication style. 

Here are a few reasons why people may not be listening to you at work. 

Too Much Negativity

No one wants to listen to someone who is always whining or complaining about something. It’s can bring down the morale of the entire workplace. You can’t be expected to be positive all of the time but if nothing encouraging ever comes from your ideas or comments, people will be less likely to listen to you. 

You Tend To Interrupt To Get Your Point Across

Communication is supposed to be between more than one person, but if you always interrupt or don’t encourage others to become involved in the conversation you’re more likely to be tuned out. Cutting someone off only distracts and offends, and they probably won’t listen to what you’re saying once you’ve interrupted someone.

You Don’t Have The Necessary Facts To Back Up Your Point

If you’re trying to communicate an idea and don't have evidence, examples or facts to help you, people will tend to not take your ideas as seriously. If you really want people to listen, make sure you do a bit of research or have examples to show so people will better understand your point. 

You’re Communication Style Is Abrasive

If you’re not listening to other people's ideas or not taking them seriously, no one will want to listen to yours. Never start with ‘You’re wrong’ in response to someones opinion or ideas in the workplace. Even if you disagree, find a constructive way to respond and present your point. Making your coworkers feel belittled will only make for a tense work situation.

You Have Trouble Getting to the Point

As we are more connected to each other through technology, our society has become increasingly distracted. This means when you have a point to make, you should probably get to it as quick as you can. If you are constantly leading people off track when you’re talking, they are going to have trouble following you. 

You Don’t Have A Union

If you feel like no one has your back, it can be hard to express yourself properly at work. This can actually be a huge hazard if no one is listening to you about discrimination or harassment you’re experiencing or if there is a safety issue that is not being addressed. When you’re a union member you always have people who hear your voice and make sure that all of your concerns are addressed at work.  

A lack of communication is detrimental to any workplace. Employees deserves to have their voice heard and taking a look at your style and delivery can help you achieve that. 


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