Top Signs You’re Being Mistreated at Work

Everyone has their bad days at work, but when the bad starts to outweigh the good it can feel like a complete nightmare. 

It usually takes some time before you come to grips with the fact that you’re being treated unfairly in the workplace. You might think you’re just being paranoid, oversensitive or are just having a couple bad weeks. Sometimes the signs are subtle and can build up over time. 

Here are some sure-fire signs that you’re being mistreated at your job. 


If you’re an asset to the company, you should be paid like it. When you’re paid less than industry standard or your coworkers who are doing the same work, it can be completely demoralizing and a clear sign you’re not respected in the workplace. To find out if you’re getting underpaid check out some job boards or use an online salary calculator. If it’s possible, try asking a trusted coworker about their salary. 


Although your workload may be growing because of ‘how great you are at your job’, it can actually be a sign of mistreatment. Your manager or boss should be aware of your workload and realize that giving you piles of extra work will definitely cause you stress and take away from work-life balance. This is even worse if the extra work doesn’t come with a pay raise or promotion. 

Left Out

For some, meetings can seem like a chore. But being left out of them can make an employee feel left out and disrespected in the workplace. Feeling like part of the team and having your voice heard are crucial parts of being in a healthy workplace. If you’re constantly left out of meetings, it can feel like no one cares about what you have to say.

Safety Concerns

Health and safety should be your employer’s top priority, but that isn’t always the case. Feeling unsafe in a place you’re working in almost every day is a sure sign you are being mistreated. Whether it’s being forced to lift items that are too heavy or not being given proper breaks ­– this kind of mistreatment is serious and shouldn’t be tolerated.


Being the brunt of a joke is never fun, especially in the office. A little joke every now and then among friends is pretty typical, but when it starts to become harassment it has gone too far. Being bullied or harassed by anyone in the office is an obvious sign of disrespect in the workplace and causes mistrust.

If you’re experiencing at least one of these, you know you’re being mistreated at work. If you don't have anyone to defend your rights at work, then the mistreatment won't stop.No one should be treated unfairly in the workplace no matter what kind of work they do.  

We're here to help

Do you have any questions about your rights in the workplace or need someone to talk to about your job stress? Contact one of our free labour counsellors at (403) 259-4608 or

The Distress Line is a great resource to call if you are feeling overwhelmed and need someone to talk to. 

You can contact them at 403.266.HELP (4357) in Calgary,
780-482-HELP (4357) in Edmonton and 1-800-232-7288 in rural areas.

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