Want To Get Your Message Across At Work? This Will Help.

One of our most basic human needs is to be heard. When people listen to us we feel respected and empowered. That’s why when no one listens to your voice in the workplace, is can make you feel helpless, frustrated and discouraged. There are things you can do. 

Here are six ways to make sure people listen to you at work.

Remove Distractions

When you want to be heard is important to make sure there is nothing distracting your audience. This means you should always try to approach your coworkers face-to-face in order to make that human connection when communicating. Also make sure the timing is right. If your coworkers is in the middle of working on something, they are probably not giving you their full attention. 

Develop Friendships

Making friends with your coworkers not only makes the workplace a better environment overall, but also helps with getting people to listen to you. If you take interest in you coworkers lives it creates a sense of respect and they will be more willing to listen to what you have to say. 

Cut to the Chase

This sounds simple enough but it is a useful skill to have when you want to get your message across. Studies show that people spend up to 80 per cent of their day communicating. This means most people appreciate brevity when someone wants to get their point across. Keep it as short and simple as you can. 

Show Confidence

If you come off as meek and unsure when you’re speaking, it’s harder for people to take you seriously or put a lot of stock into what you’re trying to say. If you don’t believe in what you’re saying, why should anyone else? Talk with authority and confidence and you will notice a difference in the way people listen to you. 

Talk to Your Boss

Let your boss or supervisor know your frustrations and what you are dealing with. Instead of complaining, ask them if they have any suggestions or strategies you think you could use to get people to listen to your ideas. If not having your voice heard becomes an issue of discrimination, you should talk to your boss or supervisor immediately.  


Having a union to back you up means you have someone to stand up for you in the workplace and this means having your voice, idea and opinions heard in the workplace. If you feel that you are being purposely ignored, your union can step in an make sure your concerns are taken seriously. 


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