Ways to Optimize Your Happiness On The Job

On average, people work approximately 2000 hours of their lives each year at work, not including overtime.

If you have to be there nearly 50 % of your waking hours, isn’t it better to try to enjoy rather than merely endure those hours? And if you have a business, keeping your employees happy also contributes to higher work productivity, because creativity, dedication and innovation come from a positive morale, and directly correlate with greater success.

So what makes us happy at work?


Nobody likes being micromanaged. Freedom at work promotes confidence and trust in what we’re doing.

Positive Relationships:

In a recent study by Virgin Pulse, nearly 40 percent of respondents identified their co-workers as the top reason they loved their company. The quality of your interactions determine your happiness. After all, these are the people you spend a third of your time with.

Stimulating Work:

If you find your job interesting, whether it be mentally or physically a challenge, you’ll have a lot more job satisfaction. Keeping it fresh keeps us happy.

Positive Communication:

Feeling listened to at work, and understanding where your co-workers and boss are coming from is really important. If you don’t feel as though you’re heard, you’re much more likely to be disgruntled and unhappy at work.

Opportunity for Growth:  

Feeling as though you are learning, and that you can move ahead within your company makes a big difference in the effort you put in today, and how you feel about seeing where your future might be headed.


Having a sense of purpose, and feeling as though what we are doing at work makes us feel valuable—asserting ourselves in formulating and conducting our day-to-day tasks and connecting what we do to what we believe in makes us much happier. We can derive a great deal of happiness from the feeling of contribution, personal and professional growth, making a difference, both in our own lives, and within a company.


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