When Is the Wrong Time to Ask for A Raise at Work?

One of the toughest things to do in the workplace is to ask for a raise, even if you know you really deserve it. Making a good wage is the reason most of us work and continually try to climb the ladder. Even if you have gotten up the courage to ask for a raise, knowing when to actually go through with it is essential.

Here are the wrong times to ask for a raise at your job.

1. Your Company Is Not Doing Well

You’ve noticed some people are being let go and that the company is really starting to cut corners when it comes to cost. People are looking stressed out and no new hires have come one. Chances are the company isn’t doing so well and giving you a raise is probably the last thing they want to do right now.

2. You Don’t Have an Advocate

Becoming a union member is a great way to get a better wage at your job. They will make sure you have pay raises written into your collective agreement and will bargain on your behalf for a better wage. You also know you can’t get fired for asking for a raise or sticking up for yourself in the workplace. Without an advocate in your corner asking for a raise can be difficult.

3. You Haven’t Taken on New Work

You have been at the company a while, but you haven’t taken on any new challenges. If you haven’t been tasked with any new responsibilities – you probably don’t have a good argument for why you deserve more money. Try taking on new skills and more responsibility in the workplace to prove your value.

4. Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

If someone doesn’t like you they are not going to want to help you out – it’s that simple. If your boss isn’t your biggest fan they are not going to be jumping at the opportunity to give you more money. Even worse – they could try and demote you. Wait until you can figure out how to improve the way your boss views you or you have an advocate or union to back you up.

The good news is that there are also lots of right times to ask for a raise. If you’re a hard worker who is constantly proving themselves in the workplace, there is no doubt you will be able to find a perfect opportunity to ask for more money.


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