Wage Issues


You Work Hard.
You Deserve to Take Home A Good Pay Cheque.

A huge part of why we choose a career is because we want to receive a good wage. It’s why we strive to move forward within a company, gain skills and enter new roles. Unfortunately, employers don’t always see it that way.

The gender pay gap is a huge issue in Canada, and although we’re starting to see some changes, women are still being paid less than their male coworkers. This can also be said for racialized Canadians, recent immigrants and Indigenous people. Young people are also struggling with low and unstable wages in precarious work.

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Gender Gap

Gender Pay Gap.

Despite what some argue, the gender pay gap is not a myth. It’s real and impacts women across the country. Full-time working women earn 26 per cent less than full-time working men, that means 74 cents for every dollar a man earns. There are many reasons for this including starting a family, more women in lower paying industries and less women in leadership roles. No matter what the reason, the pay gap can definitely make work miserable.


The Precarious Problem.

Precarious work is a form of unstable employment with one of the main characteristics being low or unstable wages. One of the largest groups affected by this are millennials who are forced to work two to three jobs because of instability and small pay cheques. It offers cheap labour and an easy way for employers to take advantage of workers by paying them less than they deserve.

Pay Discrimination

Pay Discrimination.

No one should be paid less because of the colour of their skin or where they are from, but the reality is that it happens all of the time. According to Statistics Canada, visible minorities earn 26 per cent less than non-visible minorities and Indigenous Canadians earn 25 per cent less than non-Indigenous Canadians. Employers have to pay a fair wage to all Canadians, and anything less is not acceptable.

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