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Getting stuck in a job you hate can make you feel completely isolated, but the most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. There are people across the country who are experiencing similar issues and are also looking for help. Here are a few of their stories.

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Stacey, 31

Project Manager

I have been at my job for five years and I recently came back from a full maternity leave. Coming back, I am left out of everything! I am constantly accused of being distracted and not doing my job properly because I am a ‘new mom’, even though that is NOT true. I haven’t received a raise in over three years despite taking on more and more responsibilities each month, and am pretty sure I’ll never get one now. Oh and my boss who is a man constantly makes jokes about my baby weight gain just to make things even more awful.

Gord, 39

Well Testing Operator/ Oil and Gas

You hear that you should be happy just to have a job in Alberta with the economy, but I am not happy and sometimes I think I would rather not have a job at all. Working 15 days on and 5 off is brutal! The money is good but it sucks. No one cares if we’re tired or stressed or if the guys who are supposed to be watching my back have just come off a 4 day bender. It’s dangerous out there people!

Taylor, 25


Been at my job for over a year and still am being bullied by coworkers. Never included in anything and they are rude right to my face. Making jokes and blaming me for whatever is wrong. Complained to boss but he hates me too and sides with them all the time.

Michelle, 21


I don’t think I have ever gotten a pay cheque that has been right or on time. It is especially hard when you’re in school and need that money for food, rent, bills, etc… My coworkers and I have complained but nothing is done. Pretty sure they owe me over $500 that I know I will never see.